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Ross Castle was built in 1590 by Robert Martin whose family was one of the “Tribes” from Galway City.  He was the first of the tribes to build a home outside the walls of the city and it became known as “The ancient home of the Martins of Ross”.  In 1770 a fire destroyed much of the interior of the castle as well as the roof.  A Georgian roof replaced the original one but the outside walls remained intact and are from 1590.  In the 1770s a wing was added to the castle which housed the stables, couches and living quarters for staff.  The other buildings in the courtyard which is square shaped were built in 1590 and 1670. 
In 1985 the present owners purchased the property which had fallen into complete ruins. The rebuilding of the castle, courtyard cottages, green house, summer cottage, ancient loo, boat house, and chapel, took 15 years. Today work is still ongoing mainly in the gardens and orchard. 

The ground floor of the castle was recently stripped of its 18th century plaster and revealed a vaulted ceiling made with bricks in the “soldier” style.  Also revealed were fireplaces, bake ovens and doorways which had been plastered over in the 18th century.  It is understood to be unique in the west of Ireland. 
Among the many illustrious Martins who were born here was Violet Martin, who with her cousin Edith Summerville wrote “Some Experiences of the Rural Magistrate” made into a television series several years ago. The castle was the model for the magistrates home.

Ross Castle offers refined elegance for your special occasion or memorable holiday. The distinctive ambience of the Castle’s grand rooms and cottages will captivate you and up to 40 guests. Ross Castle borders Connemara and is 9 miles from Galway City. The Aaron Islands, Cliffs of Mohar, golf courses and horseback riding are all close by.  

During your stay at The Castle, all of the following services will be provided and included: breakfast, lunch, tea, and dinner. Our professional staff will take great care of your personal laundry and all housecleaning.

The five bedrooms in the Main House all have adjoining bathrooms with showers and heated towel rails.
The grounds of the estate are ideal for the active. Offering tennis, boating, fishing, football or softball on the sixteen acre front lawn and a vast forest, with trails, for a relaxing jog. In addition, there is an indoor swimming pool, billiards room, and table tennis in the St. George cottage.  

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