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Portlick Castle is a 12th century Dillon Castle located on the shores of Lough Ree with 30 acres of walled gardens, wooded areas and pasture land. The castle and period extensions have all been extensively renovated to a very high standard.

The renovated castle and the adjacant lodge offers 13 bedrooms, 11 with en-suite bathrooms and 2 with private bathrooms, furnished in period style and capable of accommodating up to 26 guests. Apart from three function rooms, a dining room and a library, the banqueting hall has a renaissance style fireplace and will provide a truly medieval experience. The castle is set in 30 Acres of woodland and rich green fields lead down to the Lough situated a mere stones throw away. Awaiting you is the freedom to ramble around this idyllic Irish countryside. Local leisure pursuits include fishing, boat trips and horse riding. If this isn’t enough, a few minutes away is Glasson Golf club, which boasts a course, designed by World-renowned golfer, Christy O’Connor JR.

The Environs
Neighbouring Glasson village has award winning restaurants and pubs such as Grogans, Wineport, Glasson Village Restaurant, Nanny Murph’s and Goldsmith’s Three Jolly Pigeons. The poet Oliver Goldsmith lived and wrote in this area and ‘Sweet Auburn’ is only a few minutes drive from the castle.

Relaxation and Tranquility
For tangible tranquility in an away-from-it-all exclusiveness, yet enjoying modern creature comforts, Portlick Castle is a unique facility for total relaxation. Arriving at the gates, flanked by two statues of resting lions, the tree-lined avenue, welcomely illuminated from sunset, is an invitation to switch off from the hectic fare of modern life. You can be assured it will be an easy decision to make. The harder decision will be ‘ will I leave now or stay a few more days?’


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Portlick Castle is the only Medieval castle in Ireland which has been used perpetually as a residence.

The Norman family of De Lion (later called Dillon), under the charter of King John, built Portlick Castle in 1185. The family were devout Catholics who fought in the Irish rebellion. Although banished for a time to Connacht by Cromwell, they did not leave their home for good until 1696.

The Dillions had been supporters of King James during the Jacobian and Williamite wars, so the new monarch, King William, decided to grant the property to someone more loyal to himself, a privy councillor of Ireland named Thomas Keightly.

Keightly promptly sold his new home to William Palmer of Dublin. The price tag was £365, £1 for every acre on which the castle was situated. Seven years later in 1703 Palmer then sold the castle to the Rev. Robert Smyth for £885.

The Smyths like the Dillions before them were long-term and colourful owners, although as early as 1782, their reign there looked destined to have come to an end. The Rev. Robert Smyth’s son, Ralph, had just died and it was generally assumed that as a bachelor he had no heirs. Jane Rogerson, Ralph’s sister, prepared to take over the castle. As was to be expected, distant relatives emerged and began to lay claim to Portlick, insisting that they were the true and rightful heirs. The future ownership of the castle was decided, however, when a local woman came forward. Maggie Gerrily presented her son, Robert, as Ralph’s secret child and heir. A local clergyman confirmed the story and the Smyth name was secured in Portlick once more.

In 1812 the grand-daughter of the second Robert Smyth, Frideswide Smyth, began courting a young navel officer by the name of Richard Brydges Beechey. Beechey was at the time assisting in the preparation of the Admiralty Chart of Lough Ree. It is because of this relationship it is said that the Bay at Portlick received a lot more attention in this report than other areas. The pair later married and their son, RB Beechley, became known as one of Ireland’s top three marine painters.
A large part of the castle was gutted by fire in 1861, which destroyed much of the Smyth family treasures including portraits and furnishings.

The last Smyth in Portlick was Harriet, a great great grand-daughter of the second Robert Smyth. Her stepson was killed in World War II and her husband, Norman Wallard Simpson, died in 1955.
In its near 1000 year history, Portlick Castle has witnessed civil war, family disputes, devastating fire and the natural ravages of time but, despite these, it is still as impressive and as well preserved as ever. Now no longer a family seat, the story of Portlick Castle enters a new phase as a country retreat, a deserved escape from everyday hassle and a chance to experience life, as it should be, luxuriously.


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The red carpet leads to the luxury of Portlick Castle where the sense of occasion is unique. Celebrate your wedding in the splendid grandeur of the Shannon lakeside accommodation. Reign royally as a prince and princess with family and friends.

Your wedding day is special, it should be as individualistic as you are and it should fulfil all your dreams. At Portlick Castle we transform dreams into reality to give you a most unforgettable day and memories you will savour for a lifetime.

At Portlick Castle we believe that your wedding is unique and we invite you to sit down and prepare a detailed programme personalised to your exact requirements. You may choose a bountiful lunch buffet or a more formal sit down dinner and select from our distinctive wine list.

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To escape the frenetic demands of modern life the challenge for the business community is to make time and find the appropriate space for strategic planning, management brainstorming sessions and “think ins”.

Portlick Castle Conference Centre in the heart of Ireland provides the exclusive serenity conductive to maximising best results from the deliberations.

Conferences and banquets can be held in various rooms such as the Drawing room, Dining Room, Ballroom, and Medieval Room or for larger events our Executive Glass Marquee.

Facilities include: Sound system, Lectern, Free Tea & Coffee, etc

Special arrangements can be made to hire any other items required:

Overhead projectors
Data projectors
LCD colour display panels
Slide projectors
Equipment necessary for rear projection
Video and DVD recorders
Players and projectors
Screens, flipcharts, easels and marker boards

Catering, Music and Entertainment

Our Conference Manager can arrange exclusive catering, music and entertainment to complement any part of your function or event.


Portlick Castle will arrange activities to interest for participants and their spouses, including:

Golf at Ireland’s most picturesque golf club
Visits to the site of ancient monastery at Clonmacnoise 545AD
Visits to local restaurants
Visits to Locke’s Distillery
Horse Riding
Boat trips on Lough Ree and the river Shannon
Hiking and sightseeing

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